Monday, May 01, 2006

Contents Page Two

I'm creating a second contents page because the first was too disorganized. This page will be organized only by chronology, not by topic.

All posts prior to November 9, 2005 are on Page One.

On The Road Again - November 09, 2005
An attempt to create a plan for the next few posts. Rubbish, of course.

Roots - November 16, 2005
Part 1 in the presuppositionalism series.

What Kind of Humanist Are You? - November 16, 2005

Answering the Ready Answer - November 25, 2005
Part 2 in the presuppositionalism series.

For Whom The Bell Tolls - November 29, 2005
Sneering at the fall of the Liberals.

Lacanfest - December 10, 2005
My questionable attempt at translating Jacques Lacan's psychological stages into understandable terms. This is where I really start to lay out and systematize the stuff I've been thinking about the last 2 years.

Year That Was - January 1, 2006
A recap of 2005's best entertainments.

Bloggin' - January 14, 2006
A list of blogs I was reading at the time. I still regularly read Right Reason and Vox Popli.

Suicide is Painless - January 18, 2006
Possibly my favorite post ever. It's a stew of Lacan, Camus, Nietzsche, Bataille, and The Last Samurai.

Loose Ends - January 24, 2006
Attempting to clarify and develop what began in Lacanfest.

Laboring in the World - Febuary 1, 2006
An account of how humans interact with their environment: we change it, and in doing so become something.

Justified - March 20, 2006
Forming and developing our self image.

Empiricism and Death - April 6, 2006
Setting one foot down the ill-fated road of the epistemology project.

Another Mile Down the Road... - April 22, 2006
Just like the title says.

. . . another hour deep in the night - May 2, 2006
Just like the title says, part 2.

Webs - May 11, 2006
The conclusion of the attempt at epistemology.

Symbolic Representation - May 23, 2006
A very basic intro to semiotics.

Truth and Such - May 23, 2006
The difficulties in defining "truth."

Uses of Truth - May 29, 2006
Just like the title says.

A Revaluation of All Values - June 8, 2006
The first round in a discussion of morality.

Words as Pockets - June 13, 2006
More semiotics. This post is pretty essential, in my opinion.

Thinking - June 25, 2006
Asking why philosophy matters.

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