Saturday, January 14, 2006


Look! An update!

I decided I'd list a few of the blogs that I've recently begun to read.

Sacra Doctrina - The newest addition to my blog role. SD boasts probably the best blog writing I've ever come across. Written by some professor at some university, it's a fine showcase of conservative Christian thought and philosophy. Visit for the scholarship and writing, stay for the warm yet uncheesy stories about his family.

Mormon Philosophy and Theology - Another addition to my blog role. MPT is an interesting counterpoint to SD, because they sometimes cross philosophical paths. The best thing about MPT: it is a front row seat to the development of Mormon metaphysics. Endlessly fascinating. The second best thing about MPT: I was able to download almost an entire courses' worth of Hubert Dreyfus lecturing about Martin Heidegger from it. Champagne all around!

Vox Popli - One of the denizens of World Net Daily. The writer, Vox Day, is a libertarian who thinks voting rights should be greatly restricted and that women are prone to fascism. It makes for interesting reading and interesting discussions. Discussions that mysteriously end once certain people run out of quips and generalizations, though.

Right Reason - This blog has a stable of Conservative writers. It's interesting reading, a bit less polemic than Vox Popli. I rarely agree with anything I read here.

Radical Goddess Thealogy - That's thealogy, not theology. All about how male centred religions have destroyed the world and that mother religions would make it all better. Aaaactually, I shouldn't be so dismissive. I've pressed Athana on several issues, and have come to accept that we don't need to quarrel with each other. Or rather, I don't need to quarrel with her, since her answers were never anything but polite.

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