Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On The Road Again

I was eating a snack during my break today, wondering if I should write a post about George Bataille's and Rich Mullins' mutual fascination with death. I haven't quite developed that line of thought enough, though. So I'll take jump back into explaining my new interest in theology.

I think it will help keep me on track if I present a bit of a plan. So here's a summary of some upcoming posts:

1. Explaining my method. I will use particular arguments and follow certain lines of thought that may seem superfluous or strange - unless you understand why I'm writing. I have a primary audience - people that know me. I'm not primarily writing for a general audience.

That matters because it explains my choice of topic for the first post: What is the necassary initial starting point in any discussion of reality? My answer will be man; that leads to an immediate disagreement with at least one of my friends, who is a devotee of presuppositional apologetics. Discussing presupper views will give me a platform for contrasting my own ideas, and nothing brings clarity like contrast. And if there's anything these topics could use a dose of, it is clarity.

2. Expanding my discussion of the personal centre. I'll explain more about the imago, discourses, dividing lines, and the ultimate concern.

3. Expanding my discussion of how we projection our personal centre. This will cover morality, a bit of politics, empathy, control, a proper account of presuppositions, and will have some overlap from the topics of (2).

4. Language and rationality. This would technically be a part of (3), but that post will be long enough anyways. I'll talk about how rationality must introduce divisions and separation , and how language cannot possibly have a 1:1 correlation with anything other than language. In other words, language can only ever describe language.

5. Argument for God as ultimate concern.

6. How (1) - (4) must necessarily shape our theology.


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