Friday, April 08, 2005

The End of the Hiatus

Some business first. I know comments aren't working, I hope to have that problem fixed soon. Since I hate code, all I've done is scavenge the source code of smarter bloggers. Which means I don't understand where the problem is. I guess I'll keep looking.

It's been a long time since I posted. I've been busy, and have had no desire to write anything. That'll change in 2-3 weeks once I'm done school.

I'm just polishing off a philosophy of law class. Basically, it's about discussing the structure of legal systems, and what content should they have. The final exam questions can be seen here. Click on "Final Test."

Questions 3 & 4 will be particularily interesting. #4 - "What is the law" - is a giant subject encompasing layers and layers of theory. Who comes up with the law? Why do any of us care? Who gets to enforce it, and how? What is the law's connection to morality? Whittling all this down to a managable exam-sized answer will be a bit of a challenge.

The question concerning same sex marriage is going to require a complicated answer as well. My own thoughts about it revolve around changing gender roles, and translating that into my conception of the legal system will again, be a challenge.

Once the exam is finished and plagerism concerns are out of the way, I'll post my answers to both questions. That'll be April 12th.

Once the exam is over and I don't have plagerism concerns, I'll post my answers to both questions. I'll even expand on my answer to the same sex question.

Except I suppose to make my answers clear, I'll have to provide a bit of background to my thinking... ugh. I'll post again sometime before the 12th.

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