Sunday, January 30, 2005

Becoming Perplexed

As you'll see from my most recent post - dated three months ago - the US election threw me for a bit of a loop. All that I could see there was an exercise in hypocrisy, murderous hyporcrisy at that.

I haven't posted since then because I've been doing an awful lot of thinking. I always knew that people have their own inscrutable priorities, and make choices that can be simply baffling.

How can people - from individuals all the way up to nation states - preach steadfastly about particular ideals, and then act against those ideals without a shred of soul searching?

During the Vietnam war, Martin Luthor King asked why the US could send 200 000 troops to Vietnam to "defend democracy," but couldn't get 100 voter registrars into Mississippi. That's how it goes; humanity just can't seem to line up ideals with action.

So I hope to do two things. One, explain why this seperation exists. Secondly, to try and discover a way to change this. Hopefully I'll be able to write some interesting things here, and maybe even something useful.


Jamie A. Grant said...

I certainly anticipate your upcoming thoughts. I'm sure it will be very interesting and insightful.

As a suggestion of my own, it might be wise to undo the assumptions that you apparently placed into the equation already. People "act against those ideals without a shred of soul searching"? Is this your interpretation, your assumption?

Hmm. I s'pose this will get to be pretty interesting as you delve into specifics in the future. Nice segue from the old blog, by the way. And it's a very cool new blog design, too.

Amanda said...

Snazzy blog Mike. It is perplexing how the human condition can be such a barrier from living in the ideal world. Good to think about things though, as I fear that most of us don't care anymore and just carry on as if nothing is happening outside their bubbles.


Abe said...

Wow, if you find a way to change this, let me know!

Jevant said...

Interesting to see you blogging again. I see you do not allow anonymous comments - is that why none of the 3 comments are showing up?