Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Missile Defense and Abortion

Something worth fighting over, and a touch of hypocrisy.

Well, I'm hoping the NDP sticks to their guns on the missile defense issue. The newspapers reported Jack Layton as saying it was non-neogotiable, but Joel tells me that Layton backtracked over the radio this morning. Which is a shame.

The last thing this stupid species needs is more guns, and the last thing we need to do is militarize space. Guns in space! Brilliant idea!

Come on, Layton. You know it's wrong. Stick to your principles! This is partly why I voted for you!

It's futile, I know. The Cons are eager to provide us with new ways and reasons to kill each other, and if the NDP don't support the Liberals, they will.

But this is something worth fighthing for, and it's worth losing for, too. Like the Flaming Lips song says, "To lose I could accept, but to surrender I just wept and regretted this moment."

The second issue is abortion. I've always considered myself pro-life. It seems clear to me that abortion is murder, from conception on. This seems like a settled issue, and yet there are people who ignore what seems to be a fairly simple issue.

To speak radically for a moment, doesn't it follow from this that all governments that legalize abortion - especially those that subsidize it - are responsible for more murders than all the middle eastern dictatorships combined?

And yet we point fingers at them, even to the point of invading them occasionally?

It baffles me that some pro-lifers will support various wars, most recently the war in Iraq. The popular justification for the invasion was Hussein's abuses of his people.

Well... if abortion is murder, than haven't the governments of the west vastly outpaced Hussien?

And yet he's the bad guy?

Eh. Joel clarified this issue for me last night. He said it's because none of us really care.

And he's right. I don't give a flying fuck about abortion, whatever medical facts are in my head.

So I guess that makes me pro-choice. That's what I'm going to call myself from now on.

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