Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Young Man Syndrome

See: Jevant's and jagrant's archives.

Young man syndrome.

It's a syndrome I've been accused of having many times - usually after standing up for something I believe in - something that goes against the natural grain of either the largely superstitious human society that we live in today, or (more often and more simply) something that goes against the superstitious beliefs of my friends that I am currently associating with. I've been accused of "enjoying" the title, and even desiring to spread young man syndrome.

Young man syndrome is the tendency to reach a certain point in one's life, between 18-25, and begin re-evaluating one's beliefs. One will either drop their beliefs entirely, or devote themselves to this beliefs with renewed vigour (See jagrant's Exhibit B for a curious and unacknowledged anomoly).

*with arms wide open* If this makes me a victim of young man syndrome, then so be it. Why do I embrace this re-evaluation? I suppose it comes down to a belief in a set of core values that are unshakeable, and at the core of my very being.

Just like the people who were placed under house arrest for their study of the natural world many years ago.

It absolutely amazes me to see how consistant this is. Almost every single young person that I know eventually reaches a critical stage somewhere between the age of 18 and 25. They re-evaluate their life and their beliefs and either become fully committed to or walk away from critical thinking.

Usually it is critical thinking that is left behind. Hopefully, I shall never be there. But to the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for scientific thought, I salute and honour you. If the world had more people like you, this world would be turned upside down and we'd have flying cars. The last thing this world needs is more superstition. We need people to stand for what they believe in - no matter what the cost.

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